Witner At The Rug Cottage

Witner At The Rug Cottage

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some Of Our Favorite Product

We have so many unique and wonderful things here at the Rug Cottage,
so, I've picked out a few of our favorites for you. Hope you enjoy!
 We love this Buttered Maple Syrup candle. We have so many customers that buy
it regularly. Even the husbands love it! It burns beautifully; it has a
double wick, and when it burns, it creates a liquid layer and burns
completely even.

These hats are wonderful. We have many different
colors to choose from. They are great to have, no messy hairdays,
easy to slip on, and they look great on!
 We have a total of 16 different flavored jellies. And here
is the good news: They are all sugar free!
We have delishous canned goods & salsas here at Rug Cottage.
From garlic stuffed olives, to bread and butter pickles!
 Our battery operated candles create a wonderful primitive
look. We also have them on a timer!


Our canvas prints make a great look for any empty wall space!

Area rugs always add a nice touch to any room!

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