Witner At The Rug Cottage

Witner At The Rug Cottage

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year, A New Room

In with the new...that's what we decided at The Rug Cottage. A few fresh coats of paint and some rearranging later we created the new and improved Country Room
The room now has a very open and refreshing feel to it
Our Billy Jacobs Canvas Prints look stunning on our new walls!
We intermixed antique crocks, bowls, and a washboard into this display
As you can see we couldn't decide on just one color...we said why not two?
So we chose a bright mustard yellow and a delightful green.
They both compliment our Country Decor beautifully

We would love to see you for a visit!
Bring along those smiling faces when you stop in to see the new
Country Room


  1. All looks good but take away that LEt it Snow! Have had enough for the year! Best Wishes Wanda

  2. Love your wall colors. Isn't it nice getting the Christmas cleaned out. I'm ready to get the gardening stuff out -- is it spring yet!!! Jan

  3. ~♥It is fun re*painting & re*arranging isn't it? you know i love the mustard color! =) seems like after Christmas is a good time to do all of that. Looks great! will be seeing you soon to move & shake stuff around in my booth...hugs & blessings, vikki♥~xo