Witner At The Rug Cottage

Witner At The Rug Cottage

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Love Affair with Vintage Travel Trailers

Many of you know that I have a thing for vintage travel trailers.
I can't quite explain how this came to be, except that I love vintage stuff and I love to camp, so it was kind of the marriage of the two.
I found & decorated my first travel long before I knew it was actually the new popular thing... especially out west.
I knew I wasn't crazy when I found others like me on the Internet and especially "The Sisters on the Fly" camping club.
I'll try to post some of my trailers on this post soon. I have my own vintage trailer park thanks to a very understanding husband. Unfortunately this year, I haven't' even got into the trailers to see how they weathered the winter. Hopefully there will be no surprises.

This is a picture of myself and my sister in 1969 by the pickup camper we use to camp in with my parents. We took trips all over the US including Canada and Alaska in that camper. What great memories. I never had been to an amusement park until I was in college, but I've been to almost every National Park and battle field in this great country. What a gift my parents gave us. Our travel wasn't fancy. Many times we just camped along the road and we always ate our meals in the camper.

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