Witner At The Rug Cottage

Witner At The Rug Cottage

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a Tradition

It's a tradition for this trio of sisters to stop at The Rug Cottage and Barntiques Antique Mall on the way to Kalona. pictured is Pattar, Becky & Sonya... sorry gals, I'm not sure I got you in the right order. We really appreciate you making us your first stop!!!

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  1. I've just got to stop by your place again, I just seem to always be in such a hurry these days. I've been really busy with the soaps of late and am spending all my spare change on soap and scent.

    Sure hope things start to pick up soon...this is what we live for up here in the Nor'lunds...SPRING!!!

    Have a wonderful Easter friend!