Witner At The Rug Cottage

Witner At The Rug Cottage

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Glorious Fall


  1. Welcome to the blog world. This post looks like it did the last time we visited. Bet it looks and feels different this morning. The wind is whistleing around my house. Can just imagine how it's blowing on your hill. Where's Spring!!!! Thanks for checking my blog & the comment. We'll look forward to you coming for a visit. Jan

  2. It truly is a crystal paradise and I'm really not minding it so much...as my new mantra implies-'it is what it is'...having a small biz in the Midwest is definitely a challenge, I've nearly given up on making a substantial living and more inclined to just squeak by(not by choice).

    But as I was talking to Barb H. Tuesday, we have a really positive vibe about the new year ahead, can't put a finger on it, but I think we've just accepted the fact that the oil companies are going to rob us, the banks are going to ignore us...and the government, well, he just has a huge mess to clean up and a lot of crooks to sidetrack...but we have hope, they can't take that away from us!

    Now I take a break from digging out my driveway...by hand!!! Coffee time!!!

    Glad you're joining us in the blog world, what a blast!!!

    See ya!